Interest rates on fixed-term deposits in the Netherlands (2024)

Fixed-term deposits are products in which you deposit your money and cannot withdraw it until after a certain period of time that is established when you open the account, which can range from a few months to several years. Normally the bank pays more for this type of deposit because you do not have daily availability of your money and the interest rate contracted at the beginning of the period remains constant for the duration of the period. If you need to withdraw the money before the term expires, you will be subject to a penalty.

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What interest rates does a fixed-term deposit offer?

The larger banks in the Netherlands do not offer as attractive rates as the lesser known banks. The updated rates as of March 2024 are shown in the table below.

Plazo fijo (años)/ Fixed term (years)
Banco/Bank123 510
ABN AMRO2.35%2.35%2.35%2.35%2.85%

The banks that offer the highest rates on flexible savings accounts also offer the best rates on fixed terms. Below is the table with the rates of each bank.

Banco/BankTasa de interés/ Interest ratePlazo / TermMonto mínimo de apertura / Minimum opening amount
Big bank3.50 %1 año/year€ 1,000
Big bank3.40 %2 años/year€ 1,000
Big bank3.30 %3-10 años/year€ 1,000
Santander Consumer Bank3.50 %1 año/year€ 1,000
Santander Consumer Bank2.80 %2 años/year€ 1,000
Santander Consumer Bank2.60 %3 años/year€ 1,000
Santander Consumer Bank2.50 %4 años/year€ 1,000
Leaseplan bank1.30 %3 meses/months€ 1,000
Leaseplan bank1.40 %6 meses/months€ 1,000
Leaseplan bank1.60 %9 meses/months€ 1,000
Leaseplan bank2.75 %1 año/year€ 1,000
Leaseplan bank2.80 %2 años/year€ 1,000
Leaseplan bank2.85 %3 años/year€ 1,000
Leaseplan bank2.90 %4 años/year€ 1,000
Leaseplan bank2.95 %5 años/year€ 1,000
NIBC Direct2.15 %3 meses/months€ 250
NIBC Direct2.25 %6 meses/months€ 250
NIBC Direct2.50 %9 meses/months€ 250
NIBC Direct2.80 %1 año/year€ 250
NIBC Direct2.00 %2- 10 años/year€ 250

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