Credit cards in the Netherlands

The use of credit cards in Holland is not as widespread as in Mexico and other Latin American countries. When I arrived in Holland a few years ago, finding a place where you could pay with a Visa or Mastercard was a bit complicated. That has changed little by little and now it is more common to find places that accept these cards.

How do credit cards work in the Netherlands?

If you have ever had a credit card in Mexico you will notice that credit cards in the Netherlands work very differently. Credit cards in Mexico offer you the possibility to pay only a minimum amount and continue with the debt (a very bad idea). In the Netherlands this is not the case.

Everything you spend with the credit card has to be paid only a few days after the cut-off date of the card. Normally the card is linked to your bank account and the money is debited automatically.

Advantages of using credit cards

Although interest free promotions do not exist here in the Netherlands, using a credit card for your purchases can give you some benefits such as an insurance for your purchases. Almost everything you buy with a credit card is insured for up to 360 days against theft, loss or damage, depending on the credit card you have. Some cards also offer insurance for online purchases, in case you buy something online and it doesn’t arrive.

Buying a flight with a credit card can be more attractive. Another insurance that is included in some credit cards is a flight and baggage delay insurance. Is your flight delayed and you need to eat at the airport? If you bought the flight with a credit card, it is possible that the bank will reimburse you for the costs. Also in case your luggage does not arrive with you at your destination and you have to buy things for this reason. To see what exactly the insurance covers, check the policies of your credit card issuing bank, as it depends on the bank what is covered.

Another advantage of using a credit card is that as they are normally Visa or Mastercard you can use them to make purchases online or abroad, as Maestro cards are not accepted for payment in establishments in some countries, for example in Mexico. You can also add them to Apple or Google pay, etc.

Credit card comparison in the Netherlands

The banks have 2 types of credit cards, a basic card and a more expensive card (gold/platinum depending on the bank). Below you can find two tables comparing the two types of credit cards of the biggest banks in the Netherlands.

Basic cards

BankABN AmroRabobankING
Credit cardABN AMRO Credit CardRabo CardCredit card
Cost per year€ 24.60€ 24.00
(free with the basis pakket)
€ 19.80
Purchase insurance 180 days180 days180 days
Purchase insurance deductible€ 50€ 50€ 50
Flight delay€ 140€250
Luggage delay€ 410€150-€600
Costs and insurances included in the basic credit card

Gold/platinum cards

BankABN AmroRabobankING
Credit cardGold CardRabo GoldCardPlatinumcard
Cost per year€ 51.00
free with the Total pakket
€ 52.20
Purchase insurance 1 año360 dias365 dias
Purchase insurance deductible€ 50€ 50€ 50
Other insurances includedSame as basic card plus rental car deductible insurance and legal assistance in case of accidents when renting a car.Same as the basic cardBaggage delay insurance (€250) and flight delay insurance (€150-€500).
Rental car deductible insurance
Costs and insurance included in the Gold/Platinum Credit Card

If you want more information about the credit card of ABN Amro you can click on the banner below.

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