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Now that the interest rates offered by banks in the Netherlands have gone up, it is always good to compare which place offers you the highest rate for your savings. And this can sometimes be a broker like Trade Republic. I already talked more about this broker in the post Investing in the stock market with Trade Republic.

Trade Republic is a German broker and now bank that offers a higher interest rate than conventional banks. At the time of publishing this post it is offering 4% annual interest on your savings. In addition to this interest rate, it offers other features that make it an interesting option for investing and even spending.

Invest, spend and bank Trade Republic

Trade Republic presents itself as “the smarter way to invest, spend and bank,” and for good reason. Here are some key features that make this platform stand out:

4% cash interest: Trade Republic offers its users an impressive 4% cash interest rate, which means you can make your money grow even while it is in your investment account.
Free card: The platform offers a free card that allows you to spend and get 1% cash back on your purchases, directly deposited into your savings plan.
Easy and secure investment: With Trade Republic, you can start investing with as little as €1. In addition, the platform promises transactions without hidden commissions and a secure investment environment.

Simple investment

In addition to helping you earn while you spend, Trade Republic also allows you to save for the future by investing in stocks, bonds and ETFs. Here are some key features of your investment options:

Invest from as little as $1: With Trade Republic, you can start investing in stocks or ETFs with as little as €1, making it accessible even for those on a limited budget.
Savings plans: The platform offers savings plans in ETFs or stocks, allowing you to invest continuously to build long-term wealth.
Bonds: Trade Republic also offers the option to invest in bonds, which allows you to lock in high interest for years and receive regular payments. Best of all, you can start with as little as €1 and sell at any time.

Trusted by millions

With more than 4 million users and 35 billion euros in assets, Trade Republic is one of the most trusted investment platforms in Europe. In addition, it is regulated by BaFin and Bundesbank, which guarantees a safe and secure investment environment.

With features such as cash interest, free subscription cards and the ability to invest from as little as $1, Trade Republic makes investing accessible to everyone. If you are looking for an easy and safe way to invest your money, Trade Republic could be the perfect option for you.

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