Bicycle insurance

In the Netherlands, where cycling is an essential means of transportation for many people, the safety of your two-wheeler is a major concern. Whether you use your bike to get around town, explore mountain trails or just take relaxing rides on the weekends, protecting your investment is critical.

What is bicycle insurance (fietsverzekering)?

A bicycle insurance or in Dutch a fietsverzekering, in simple terms, is a type of insurance designed to protect your bicycle in case of theft, damage or accident. It works in a similar way to other types of insurance, where you pay a periodic premium in exchange for coverage in case of loss or damage to your bicycle.

Why consider a fietsverzekering?

Before deciding whether bicycle insurance is right for you, it is important to assess your individual needs and circumstances. Here are some reasons why it might be a good idea to consider insurance:

  1. Theft protection: Bicycles are a common target for thieves, especially in urban areas. Insurance can give you peace of mind knowing that you are protected in case your bike is stolen.
  2. Damage coverage: In addition to theft, an insurance policy may also cover damage caused by accidents or vandalism. This can be especially useful if you have a high-value bicycle.
  3. Peace of mind: With insurance, you can enjoy your bike rides without constantly worrying about the risk of loss or damage.

Types of bicycle insurance

There are two main types of insurance: continuous insurance (doorlopende fietsverzekering) and fixed-term insurance (kortlopende fietsverzekering).

Continuous insurance(doorlopende fietsverzekering)

A continuous insurance (doorlopende fietsverzekering) is a type of bicycle insurance that does not have a fixed end date. Instead of renewing annually, this policy remains active until you decide to cancel. FietsZeker’s continuous fietsverzekering offers constant protection for your bike, ensuring that it is covered in the event of theft, damage or accident.

Fixed-term insurance (kortlopende fietsverzekering)

A fixed-term insurance (kortlopende fietsverzekering) is a type of bicycle insurance that has a fixed duration, usually 3 or 5 years. Unlike continuous insurance, which is automatically renewed, this type of insurance requires an active renewal at the end of the period. However, it offers certain advantages in terms of premium stability and guaranteed long-term coverage.

When is continuous insurance(doorlopende fietsverzekering) appropriate?

There are some situations in which you might decide to take out continuous insurance, for example:

  • Do you want to pay per month or per year, for example? Then continuous insurance is certainly adequate.
  • Since you can cancel the insurance after the first year, continuous motorcycle insurance offers more flexibility than short-term motorcycle insurance.

When is a fixed-term insurance(kortlopende fietsverzekering) suitable?

A fixed-term insurance(kortlopende fietsverzekering) offers a number of benefits that can make it attractive to budget-conscious cyclists who want solid coverage at a fixed price:

  • Unlike continuous insurance policies, where the premium may increase over time, a term insurance policy offers a fixed premium for the entire duration of the contract.
  • Do you prefer to make a one-time payment? And pay, for example, 3 years in advance? So the insurance short term insurance may be a better option for you.

Where can I take out insurance? FietsZeker

You can take out insurance with FietsZeker, a company specializing in bicycle insurance that offers a wide range of options to ensure that you can enjoy your rides without worries.FietsZeker offers continuous insurance, fixed-term insurance, insurance for e-bikes and also for second-hand bicycles.

  • Comprehensive coverage: FietsZeker’s fietsverzekering offers protection against theft, damage and accidents, providing a worry-free cycling experience.
  • Payment flexibility: You can choose between different payment options, adapting the policy to your financial needs.
  • Wide variety of bicycles covered: From standard bicycles to electric models, FietsZeker ensures a wide range of bicycles, both new and used.

What can be assured? E-bike insurance, Conventional bicycle insurance

FietsZeker secures a wide variety of bicycles, from electric bicycles to standard models. However, it is important to note that certain types of bicycles, such as electric cargo bikes and fatbikes, may not currently be covered.

With them you can choose whether to insure the bike for theft only, or for theft and damage and even select roadside assistance (Pechhulp) if you wish.

The following details what damage is covered on your bicycle (or e-bike).

Theft or total loss: You will receive the insured value instead of the market value if the damage occurs within 3 years. Whether you receive compensation for theft or total loss depends on the insurance you choose.

Valor asegurado y Valor de mercado

The insured value is the value of the (electric) bicycle as stated in the policy. Market value is the value at the time the damage occurred.

Option: roadside assistance (pechhulp): You can choose roadside assistance along with coverage for damage to your bicycle. Fietzeker guarantees 24-hour roadside assistance throughout the country and in the border areas with Belgium and Germany. For this purpose, they use FietsNed’s network of certified bicycle mechanics.

Bueno saber

The pechhulp will attempt to repair the bicycle on site. If this is not possible, they will take you and your bike to a location of your choice within a 30 kilometer radius. Are you accompanied by anyone else? They will also transport this person and his or her bicycle.

Theft damage: If your bicycle is damaged because the bicycle or parts of the bicycle are stolen, you are entitled to compensation for the damage. You can also add the option : damage to your bicycle (schade aan je fiets) in which case all damages to your bicycle are insured. Even if you caused the damage yourself or if it was caused by vandalism. FietZeker covers the costs of repairing the damage. Compensation will never be paid in excess of the sum insured.

Legal assistance: If someone damages your bike, that person must pay the repair costs. The same applies to persons who are authorized to ride your bicycle. To help you with that, legal assistance is automatically assured.

Información adicional

Legal assistance is provided by specialists of the legal insurer DAS.

There is an extra option for Battery warranty extension In this case for new e-bikes, you can extend the factory warranty until the end of the insurance period. Generally, the factory warranty is 2 years. With this option you are also insured if the battery stops working due to a technical failure. This coverage can only be contracted together with the damage coverage. Additional information Damage to the battery due to an accident or dropping the bicycle is covered under the damage coverage.

How do I hire you?

If you are interested in getting insurance for your bike, you can easily do so through the FietsZeker website. By clicking on the banner below or on one of the links in the article you will be redirected to them, thus helping the blog and future articles. Once on the Fietzeker website, simply follow the steps to select your coverage and complete the online application process. If you have any questions or need assistance, the FietsZeker team is available to help you.

What are the costs?

The cost of insurance depends on several factors, such as:

1. Price of the Bicycle

The price of your bike is the most important factor that determines the cost of your insurance. As the value of your bike increases, your policy costs are likely to increase as well. However, FietsZeker offers attractive options even for high-value bicycles.

2. Type of bicycle

Some bicycles have a higher risk of theft than others due to their popularity and market value. For example, electric bicycles (e-bikes) tend to be more prone to theft. Despite this, FietsZeker offers economical options even for e-bike coverage.

3. User Location

The area in which you reside can also influence the cost of your bicycle insurance. Urban areas tend to have higher theft rates, which can result in higher premiums. However, FietsZeker offers affordable options regardless of your location.

FietsZeker is a company specialized in bicycle insurance that has partnered with major insurers such as Allianz, one of the largest in the world. Its policies have been repeatedly recognized as the most economical by Moneyview, an insurance comparison specialist.

In short, getting an affordable and reliable bicycle insurance policy is possible with FietsZeker. Their focus on transparency, customer service and partnership with world-renowned insurers makes them a solid choice for protecting your bike without breaking the bank.

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