The banks with the highest interest rates in the Netherlands 2023

In this post you will find an updated table with the banks with the highest interest rates in the Netherlands.

Like previous posts, such as (The banks with the highest interest rates in the Netherlands (Sept 2022)) the big banks in the Netherlands (ABN Amro, ING, Rabobank) are not the ones with the highest interest rates. If you want to know more about these banks you can read the post Banks in the Netherlands).

ABN Amro and ING (at the date of this post updated to November 2023) offer 1.5% per year on their flexible savings account, i.e. 15 euros per year for every 1,000 euros in the account. Rabobank and SNS bank are the big banks that offer a more attractive interest rate, 1.7% (for the first 20 thousand euros). As I mentioned in the post the emergency fund has to be kept somewhere, and it seems that in the Netherlands there is no better place than in a bank. However, this will cause it to lose purchasing power due to inflation. It is therefore advisable to find out which bank gives the best interest rate in the Netherlands.

The table below shows the banks in the Netherlands with the highest interest rate in 2023 ordered from the bank with the highest to the lowest interest rate.

BankAccountInterest rate per yearCountry *Interest payment
1OpenbankOpen Spaarrekening2.75%-3.65%*EspañaMonthly
2BigbankFlexibel Sparen3 %EstoniaYearly
3Lloyds BankSpaarrekening2.5 %AlemaniaYearly
4BunqEasy Savings2.46 %Países BajosWeekly
5LeasePlan BankFlexibel Sparen2.2%Países BajosMonthly

In a previous post I elaborated more about these banks, see Banks in the Netherlands and interest rates (2022).

The case of Openbank deserves a separate calculation as they have a promotion for new customers. They offer an interest rate of 3.65% for the first 6 months, after this period the rate drops to 2.75% under certain conditions.

Although it is no longer the bank with the highest interest rate Bunq is still one of the options with the highest interest rates, I talked more about this bank and its Easy Savings account in The highest interest savings account in the Netherlands.

Are my savings safe in these banks?

As a licensed bank, by European Union law savers’ deposits are guaranteed up to 100,000 Euros in case the bank goes bankrupt;

The protection of savings comes from a fund set up at national level by each member state, each bank authorised by the member state contributes to this protection fund depending on the risk category to which the bank belongs, if any bank were to fail the money from the fund would be used to compensate the customers of the failed bank. All this falls under the deposit guarantee scheme, at the end I leave a link for those who want to read more about this. In the case of the Netherlands “De Nederlandsche Bank “(DNB) is in charge of this fund.

Banks that offer higher interest rates are banks that have the deposit guarantee system of countries other than the Netherlands. As a general rule in the world of finance, the higher the risk, the higher the return. If one of these banks should go bankrupt, you will have to apply to the body designated by the country where the bank is located.

If you want to read more about the EU deposit guarantee follow this link

Below are the links to the banks mentioned above.

More information about Bunq here

More information about Bigbank

More information about Lloyds bank here

More information about Openbank here

More information about LeasePlan bank here

Did you know that in the Netherlands there are other places that give you higher interest rates than banks? Follow the link to find out more.

* the country mentioned in the table is the one protecting the savings of the bank mentioned.

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